PIM consists solely of a head and a tail, wiggly ears, and a most cheerful disposition. Pim is not a he or a she. Pim just is.

Pim needs to be kept in salt water or else Pim divides in half. And then those halves divide. You can see where this is going. If you don’t get Pim division under control, Pims will quickly cover the entire surface of the earth.

Mylan, is a brainy grade five student.

He lives at home alone while his somewhat irresponsible parents enjoy travelling on a distant continent.

The path of Pim and the path of Mylan intersect.

PIM & Mylan Crossing Paths

This intersection becomes PIM a novel by Mark Fenton for children and their parents.

PIM, the novel, involves many, many things, including:

  • trees that eat things
  • very difficult sibling
  • instructions on how to become a helicopter pilot
  • instructions on how NOT to become a helicopter pilot
  • instructions on how to play piano
  • all kinds of information about saxophones
  • what to do if you get stuck in one
  • why reindeer don’t make good pets