Pim Comic Strip

How I came to write Pim
People often ask how I came to write Pim. It seems like a thousand years since I discovered Pim, or that Pim discovered me. Thankfully I kept detailed notes and saved photos from that time. While I can’t swear to the absolute accuracy of what you are about to read, I have done my best to capture the essence of how Pim entered my life.

Brad applied for a position with a ‘consulting firm,’ whose offices were located at the same address as Brad’s last job. He was getting to know the ferry schedule pretty well.

Not having Pim and Bim’s wifi password—and dubious of on-line postings from past experience—Brad eschewed the internet, and instead bought a newspaper to peruse the employment opportunities therein.

Minutes before Brad’s arrival Ukifune had dropped in. As it was late, Pim and Bim suggested that the uninvited guests stay the night.

Rather than follow Brad into the home of Pim and Bim, Mr. Starbuck chose to execute a painting of the house. (Did I mention that Mr. Starbuck had once had a solo exhibition at a gallery in Le Marais?)

While remaining unwitnessed by Brad, Mr. Starbuck witnessed Brad’s chance arrival at the home of Pim and Bim. This put Mr. Starbuck in a quandary.

After enjoying drinks and fellowship, the Well-Dressed Albatross and Mr. Starbuck went their respective ways. Minutes later Brad arrived at the place they had just been.

The Well-Dressed Albatross happened upon Mr. Starbuck and insisted on standing him a drink.

As he had no destination, we can’t say that Brad returned on the ferry. We can only say he disembarked.

Not wanting to make Brad feel like the failure he was, the Institute asked Ukifune to intercept him the next morning and lie.

Whenever Mr. Starbuck was overwhelmed by the burden of his influence upon others, he retreated to landscapes of solitude. This was such a time.