Pim Comic Strip

How I came to write Pim
People often ask how I came to write Pim. It seems like a thousand years since I discovered Pim, or that Pim discovered me. Thankfully I kept detailed notes and saved photos from that time. While I can’t swear to the absolute accuracy of what you are about to read, I have done my best to capture the essence of how Pim entered my life.

The Well-Dressed Albatross was acquainted with the sibling desk clerks, but too preoccupied to make much of the reunion.

Starless night fell as Mr. Love pursued the Well-Dressed Albatross to a no-star hotel.

This feeling of dread continued even when the Well-Dressed Albatross left the diner and crossed a stagnant waterway.

Beverages delivered by unseen servers were satisfying enough that the Well-Dressed Albatross declined to question their provenance. Though he was far from relaxed in this establishment.

The Well-Dressed Albatross arrived in Glim with no recollection of what had brought him there. Due to a pandemic all businesses were closed, save for a lone eatery that glowed beaconlike amidst the smog and murk.

While Brad and Ukifune were learning stats from Clive, in Lansing, Pim and Bim were relaxing on the outskirts of Glim. Meanwhile, Mr. Love was approaching Glim from a different direction, and contriving formulas to explain the evil of Mrs. Love. Yes, a lot happens in this one.

The only other person attending Clive’s lecture in person was Ukifune. Having just been in Petropavlovsk you’re wondering how she so quickly relocated to a Michigan college. And so am I.

After days of wandering empty halls Brad encountered a professor, who happened to be Clive. Clive had realized that, not being human, he and the pandemic were irrelevant to one another, and returned to the college.

Brad, you’ll recall, specialized in the psychology of dogs that had harmed. Accepted for post-graduate work on recidivist canine offenders, he missed the e-mail stating that classes would be on-line due to a pandemic. The unpopulated campus perplexed him.

On his way out Mr. Love Jr. came upon Ukifune, who had returned to Petropavlovsk from Mexico to search the building.