Pim Comic Strip

How I came to write Pim
People often ask how I came to write Pim. It seems like a thousand years since I discovered Pim, or that Pim discovered me. Thankfully I kept detailed notes and saved photos from that time. While I can’t swear to the absolute accuracy of what you are about to read, I have done my best to capture the essence of how Pim entered my life.

Like Clive, Ukifune traversed a mountain range to reach Mrs. Love. At night she placed Mr. Love’s brain outside the tent she’d had the foresight to bring. Like a Djinn arguing for its release from the lamp, the brain dangled bait before her, bait which she wisely refused to take.

Brad and Ukifune resumed kickboxing and cribbage. Despite the fact that Brad had improved substantially at both, the games lacked the magic they’d had in jail (which, sadly, is often the case.) Finally Ukifune departed, seeing no alternative but to deliver the brain to Mrs. Love.

After days of wandering without sight of a living soul, Clive at last came upon Kåre and Pål, respectively bass and drums for the black metal band ‘Hermoðr á Helferð.’ Newly vegan, they were out for a post-prandial stroll to aid digestion, and commune with nature.

Clive’s modelling career had morphed into an acting career. Cast in a film version of Peer Gynt, he mistakenly booked a flight to Bergen instead of Oslo and chose to walk the last 500 km to his destination. The propositions of modern philosophy were cold (literally) comfort.

When Mr. Love’s semi-capitated remains were found dangling like tatters of a spent piñata from the cord of a projector screen, the university saw fit to ship the brainless corpse to Mrs. Love, via a transport company newly fledged by Pim and Bim to pay for their tango lessons.

Not having a television or wireless, Brad was given to studying Poto and Cabengo, and despite understanding nothing of their language he was completely correct about what they were discussing.

Prior to Brad’s tenure the newts were in the care of Meg and Peg, who’d abandoned them to pursue evil operations for their Uncle, in London, Brad explained to Ukifune.

Imagine her surprise when Brad opened the door. As Ukifune predicted, the recent brain injury had made university study impossible and he’d taken a job house-sitting for a brittle yet enduring branch of the Love family, said to be on sabbatical in Illa de Tagomago.

A set of inquires (accompanied by fair cookie sales) took Ukifune to the next station of Mr. Love’s past: a lone carpenter gothic house encircled by uniform emerald cedars that stood like sentinels, or like a Druidic altar to Nwyfre.

Having developed a fatherly affection for Ukifune, the Well-Dressed Albatross was distraught at having misplaced her again and, at a patio bar on the Thames, ruminated on their time together.