Mark Fenton is an author, illustrator, photographer, photo-essayist and children’s performer. He also coordinates the movements of heavy aircraft.

His photo-essays, in which all things are explored, are a regular feature in Raisethehammer.org, a local Hamilton magazine.

To learn more about Mark’s ineffable odyssey see the Photo-essay section of this website.

Pim is a novel in progress. Mark has drawn pictures for it, which may or may not appear in the published version. Originally designed to entertain Mark’s children (as the only way to get into bed and settle down) it soon spread through the community.

To learn more of this eponymous entity, see the Pim section of this website.

Mark Fenton was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta. Since 1990 he has lived in Hamilton Ontario. He can be seen walking the streets of Hamilton, Rome, or Paris photographing things that make police officers and security guards deeply suspicious.